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“Evaluation of financial management system of amalgamated hromadas” project under the «U-LEAD with Europe» Programme and financing by GIZ

The project has been implemented within the framework of the second stage of the Project "Evaluation of the municipal financial management system in the amalgamated territorial hromadas" of the "U-LEAD with Europe" Programme.

The main task of the project was to assess the level of administrative financial management at the local level by analysing the structure and procedures of the public financial management system in selected amalgamated territorial hromadas, as well as to elaborate recommendations for their improvement.

The main purpose of the evaluation is to support communities in terms of improving the management of their financial resources, ie:

• better understand the requirements of the existing public finance system;

• increase the ability to manage their financial resources;

• achieve strategic development goals and become a livable place for their citizens, as well as for the setting-up and development of business.

The evaluation mechanism includes tools for expert desk research, community surveys and personal interviews with officials, each of which is implemented according to a pre-developed Methodology. Following its requirements, the assessment is structured in 10 sections, the content of which corresponds to the thematic areas of financial activities of hromadas. Each section contains expert recommendations that implement the results of the assessment at two levels: for public authorities (to improve the regulatory framework) and for the local government, where the assessment was carried out (to improve the system by internal means and tools). To form a holistic view of the financial management system and for the convenience of users, the recommendations are summarized and outlined at the end of the report.

The results of the evaluation are suitable for identifying hromadas where local governments perform their financial and budgetary functions better and can serve as models (or mentors) for other local governments, as well as for identifying hromadas that need help to improve their financial management system.