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All-Ukrainian non-governmental organization "Institute budget and Social and Economic Research" (IBSER) was established in June 2007 by a group of leading Ukrainian experts with years of experience in the financial sector, to promote comprehensive and sustainable socio-economic development of Ukraine via analytical and applied research, dissemination of information on the budget and economic situation, implementation of training programs.
Mission IBSER: 
Promoting budget transparency
Fighting corruption trends by introducing advanced methods of budgeting and strategic planning at central and local levels; improve public access to information.
Promoting international integration of Ukraine
In particular by organizing study tours to other countries to study international best practices; holding international events.
Increasing public influence
Because of the impact on fiscal and economic processes in the country and disseminating information and implementing educational programs and performing other applied research activities in support of socio-economic reforms in Ukraine.
Assistance towards market and democratic reforms
A peer review of budget and socio-economic processes and observing taxation and budgetary trends to determine the impact of fiscal and financial policy on sectors.