Citizen’s Project

One of the tasks of the MFSI-II Project is to assist cities in the implementation of participatory budgeting (PB). 

PB means the allocation of a part of the municipal budget by citizens through their submission of projects intended for improving the comfort of living in the city and selecting such projects by open ballot. The projects to gain the highest support from the residents are implemented at the expense of the city budget.

MFSI-II provides to cities – selected on a competitive basis -- the following support:

  • methodological – consists in developing the methodology and concept of PB; 

  • technical – by setting up Citizens’ Project electronic system which provides the automation of all stages of participatory budgeting - from submitting projects to the e-voting and reporting on projects’ realization; and support for system’s operation during the first year of PB implementation. System's developer is NGO SocialBoost;

  • promotional support, which includes outreach activities for the promotion and realization of PB, such as trainings for the authors of the projects, fairs, and dissemination of information materials.

For this task the Project has selected on a competitive basis four NGOs:

- Nova ENERGIA NGO (Kharkiv);
- Institute for Regional Development NGO (Lviv);
- From Heart to Heart Charity (Cherkasy);
- the Podolian Agency of Regional Development (Vinnytsia). 

In 2016 the assistance in PB’s implementation including the donation of the electronic platform was provided to Kyiv, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Rivne, Khmelnytskyi, Berdiansk, Kramatorsk, Melitopol.

In 2017 Citizens’ Project system was installed in Dnipro, Ternopil, Baranivka, Zhovti VodyRomny, Okhtyrka, and Vilnohirsk.

In 2017 the implementation of PB has been launched by 31 cities and 2 accumulated territorial communities (ATC).

Cities -- oblast’centers:


Amalgamated Territorial Communities

With MFSI-II support PB is implemented by 48 cities and 2 ATCs that represent all oblasts of Ukraine (excluding Kirovograd and Luhansk oblasts).

News on PB implementation in the cities receiving MFSI-II support: