Training of Financial Specialists Launched to Continue Implementation of Performance Program Budgeting in Ukraine
26 April 2017

The Ministry of Finance together with the MFSI-II Project have started implementing a Roadmap for further implementation of Performance Program Budgeting (PPB) in Ukraine. The Roadmap was drafted during the Performance Program Budgeting: Formation and Development Forum held by MFSI-II in March of this year.

One of the key issues of the Roadmap is the need for delivering trainings to specialists of local budgets, as 1,500 local budgets of various levels have started using Performance Program Budgeting. Accordingly, the financial specialists of local financial departments and especially of Amalgamated Territorial Communities (ATCs) have numerous questions arising with regard to method’s application. The Roadmap stresses the need of conducting regular training sessions, which would ensure correct and timely budgeting by financial specialists of all budget levels.

            MFSI-II experts have launched a series of trainings, which will be delivered in all regions. The first training was held on 25 April for specialists of the Sumy oblast. The experts delivered training Performance Program Budgeting in Local Budgets under Decentralization Conditions: Legal Foundations. This training session covered the main issues of Performance Program Budgeting – from generation of budget requests and performance indicators and to monitoring and evaluation of budget program performance.

77 persons took part in this training, including representatives of 13 ATCs and departments of the Sumy Oblast State Administration.

More than 3,000 specialists from all over Ukraine will have passed through this training by the end of November 2017.