Training on Development of Citizens’ Projects Delivered in Kaniv
22 August 2017

The training-for-trainers Practical Aspects in Implementation of Citizens’ Budget in the City of Kaniv was held in Kaniv on 19 August. The event was attended by staff of the Kaniv City Council, members of Citizens’ Budget Committee, deputies, representatives of the public and mass media.

The training was inaugurated by the Director of Economic Development Directorate of the City Council, Olena Zhornova. Among other things, she has mentioned that this year, the Kaniv Citizens’ budget is implemented through the use of the Citizens’ Project electronic platform, which automates all phases of participatory budgeting and makes any voting fraud impossible.

The Nova Energiya NGO expert Serhii Omelichkin has told the attendees about the specifics of operation of the Citizens’ Project system in Ukrainian cities. He has also pointed to the specifics of writing, promoting, voting, and control over the implementation of participatory budgeting projects with the help of the Citizens’ Project system.

The Citizens’ Budget trainer with the NOVA Energiya NGO Ivan Shkurat has delivered a practical session for future trainers. The participants were divided into three groups to identify the topical problems of Kaniv. The groups’ results were quite diverse; however, they all reflected the city’s most pressing problems. At the end of the training, the groups presented and discussed the projects they developed.

The most active participants were awarded the certificates of local trainers for the Citizens’ Budget.

The training was organized by the NOVA Energiya NGO with the support of the Kaniv City Council.

The event was held as part of the Municipal Finance Strengthening Initiative (MFSI-II) Roll-out Project.