Implementation of Participatory Budgeting in Zhytomyr
05 May 2017

A press conference on implementation of participatory budget was held at Zhytomyr City Council on May 3.

Projects costing up to UAH 1 million will be accepted as part of implementation of participatory budget in Zhytomyr until May 31. City residents will be voting for the projects they consider the most relevant in the period of October 1 through October 10. They will be able to support five projects.

The City Mayor Serhiy Sukhomlyn has stressed that the municipal government’s primary task is engaging the citizens in implementation of useful initiatives and regaining people’s trust in local government. “We have the experience of implementation of participatory budget and we are now realizing these projects. It is important to see this initiative to the end and regain the community’s trust in government,” underlined Mayor Sukhomlyn. The Chairman of Coordinating Council for implementation of participatory budget in Zhytomyr, Serhiy Namiesnyk has noted: “This year, we will focus on the phase of project verification in order to avoid any errors and miscalculations.”

The same day, as part of implementation of the USAID MFSI-II Project, representatives of the Institute for Regional Development delivered training for Zhytomyr citizens in how to correctly prepare their projects, and highlighted any potential problems they might experience in submitting their project proposals.