A Roundtable and Training on Implementation of Participatory Budgeting Held in Chuhuiv
26 September 2017

Submission of citizens’ projects via the Citizens’ Project e-platform was launched in Chuhuiv, Kharkiv Oblast, on 15 September. A roundtable on the topic Citizens’ Project of the Chuhuiv City was held on the same day, with the participation of representatives of the City Council, Nominating Committee on the implementation of participatory budgeting, civil activists, mass media, and authors of last year’s citizens’ projects.

Tetiana Krasilnikova, head of Economic Development and Investment Promotion Department of the Chuhuiv City Council, has familiarized the participants with the rules for allocation of public funds within the participatory budget, informed about the deadlines for project submission and voting for the submitted initiatives. She has also explained the requirements and restrictions as to the content of project proposals of the city’s updated participatory budget.

The Chairman of the Board of the NOVA Energiya NGO, Vitalii Filenko has told the participants about the USAID Municipal Finance Strengthening Initiative (MFSI-II) Roll-out Project, which provides methodological, technical, and information support for the implementation of all phases of participatory budgeting in Chuhuiv.

In addition, experts of the NOVA Energiya NGO delivered a practical training The Electronic Platform for Automation of Participatory Budgeting Processes for representatives of the City Council, the general public, and mass media. Daria Fastova, the communications technology manager with the NOVA Energiya NGO, explained about the methods and tools of public participation in the competition of citizens’ projects at the phases of their submission, voting, and implementation monitoring. Serhii Omelichkin, an expert of the NOVA Energiya NGO, familiarized the attendees with the operation of the Citizens’ Project e-platform, specifically, on how to register in the system using the Bank IDs of Privatbank, NBU, and ECP. In addition, the experts have demonstrated how to sign up to a personal account on the e-platform, generate online applications, and vote for projects.