Preparation of 2016 EITI Repot Continues
31 May 2017

A meeting of the Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG) concerning preparation of the third Report of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative was held at the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry on May 29. The Chairwoman of the EITI National Secretariat in Ukraine, Dina Narezhneva presented requirements to an independent administrator company, which will be preparing the 2016 Report. The MSG confirmed the specification requirements for the company at the meeting.

In addition, the participants also discussed validation, i.e., verification of the correspondence of the process of EITI implementation to the requirements of the EITI Standard. Ukraine will undertake validation in September 2017. This February, the MSG members attended a seminar, where representatives of the EITI International Secretariat explained the process of validation. At the meeting, the MSG members discussed the comments made by representatives of the EITI International Secretariat with regard to the EITI Report for the years 2014 and 2015, and reviewed the recommendations provided by the independent administrator to improve the EITI reporting.

Thanks to the information obtained during the events regularly conducted by the MFSI-II Project subgrantees in extractive regions, the Report section covering implementation of EITI in the regions will be prepared.