PARD Conducts a Series of Events on Implementation of Participatory Budgeting
31 March 2017

The Podolian Agency of Regional Development NGO (PARD) has conducted a series of events devoted to implementation of participatory budgeting in cities.

Jointly with the invited experts Iryna Stasiuk, Andrii Tokarskyi, and Yulia Gvozdovych, PARD has delivered training on community budgeting for representatives of municipal administrations, council members, and active citizens in the cities of Zhovti Vody and Vilnohirsk, Dnipropetrovsk oblast.

At a seminar on 9 March in Vilnohirsk, the city residents passed through training on the opportunities to take part in the budget process.

A seminar in Zhovti Vody, on 15 March, devoted to the same topic, has also informed the city residents that the Zhovti Vody City Council started accepting projects from citizens as part of participatory budgeting process.

On March 21 and 22, the expert Yulia Gvozdovych shared the experience of the Lviv City Council in implementation of participatory budgeting and assisted the residents of Vilnohirsk and Zhovti Vody to develop their own project. The Mayor of Vilnohirsk, Volodymyr Vasylenko also took part in the event.

PARD has also conducted a series of working group meetings devoted to drafting and amending the existing bylaws on community budgeting.

On March 14 and 22, in Zhovti Vody, the experts Iryna Stasiuk and Andrii Tokarskyi assisted the staff of the Zhovti Vody City Council and the city’s activists to make important amendments to the Regulation on Citizens’ Budget of the City of Zhovti Vody. On March 29, those amendments were approved by resolution of Executive Committee of the Zhovti Vody City Council. The Regulation can be found at the following link.

Andrii Tokarskyi assisted in drafting the Regulation for conducting the first cycle of Vilnohirsk citizens’ budget at a Working Group meeting on March 28.

On March 30, the required modifications to the Regulation were discussed at the first meeting of the Working Group in Ternopil.