MFSI-II Join Working Group on Local Government Finance and Budgeting
09 March 2017

Experts of the MFSI-II Project have jointed the Working Group on local government finance and budgeting set up under the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine. The main purpose of the Working Group is coordinating the activities of all international assistance projects intended for supporting local governments and conducting decentralization.

A Working Group meeting was held on 6 March to discuss the steps needed for improving the legislative framework of managing the resources of local governments, strengthening their capacity, and perfecting the system of monitoring and analysis of local budgets. Also, an Operational Matrix for the coming years was approved at the meeting.

The main activity areas of MFSI-II experts will include:

  • Improvement of PPB methodology.
  • Development of medium-term budgeting methodology.
  • Implementation of a system of monitoring, analysis, and evaluation of local budgets, which are using PPB.
  • Improving the legislation on the procedure of preparation, evaluation, and selection of projects for the State Regional Development Fund.
  • Development of methodology of strategic planning and KPI determination.
  • Ensuring openness and transparency of local finance.