Lecture on EITI and Sustainable Community Development Delivered in Kharkiv Region
17 July 2017

On 14 July, senior students of Kharkiv higher educational institutions learned about the main outcomes of EITI implementation at the national and regional levels, and about the role of open data in improving the energy efficiency and strengthening the financial independence of territorial communities.

Experts of the NOVA Energiya NGO told them about the background and the present status of local self-government and civil activism in the region, and the methods of effective interaction between the public and the government, and building a proactive civic position among the youth.

The experts have also demonstrated the techniques of using open sources of EITI for analyzing the energy sector of Ukraine and designing programs of local and regional development intended to improve energy efficiency and strengthen the fiscal autonomy of local communities.

In addition, the attendees obtained information about the EITI content, objectives, and tools. The lecture participants learned that EITI is an instrument for obtaining reliable information about the funds paid by extractive companies for exploitation of subsoil resources, and a tool allowing to oversee the government and business actions with regard to appropriate stewardship of natural resources.

The event was conducted with support of the Kharkiv Oblast State Administration and the Kharkiv Oblast Local Government Association