Kyiv City Council Approves Regulation on Citizens’ Budget
23 December 2016

Members of the Kyiv City Council, meeting at its plenary meeting on 22 December, approved a Regulation on Citizens’ Budget of the City of Kyiv. According to the Regulation, a project can be submitted not only by Kyiv residents, but also by residents of other cities and foreigners. Initiatives may deal with municipal improvements, infrastructure, building renovation etc. The document envisages categorization of projects into large and small, depending on their cost.

“The maximum cost of a small project must not exceed UAH 300,000 and that of a large project UAH 3 million. The city of Kyiv has allocated UAH 50 million for pilot implementation in the year 2017 (up to UAH 1 million per project) and intends to increase this amount in the future. There have already been 497 projects submitted for the total amount of over UAH 330 million. Expert assessment of the projects regarding their feasibility is currently in progress,” says Andrii Strannikov, chairman of the Budget Committee at the Kyiv City Council.

Experts of the USAID Municipal Finance Strengthening Initiative (MFSI-II) Roll-out Project have designed a methodology of participatory budgeting for the city of Kyiv, which is used as a basis for developing the Regulation on Citizens’ Budget of the City of Kyiv.