First Meetings on Participatory Budgeting Held in Zhovti Vody and Vilnohirsk
27 February 2017

Initial meetings on participatory budgeting took place in Zhovti Vody and Vilnohirsk on 23 and 24 February.

The events were organized by the Podolian Agency of Regional Development NGO and the Zhovti Vody and Vilnohirsk city councils as part of the Municipal Finance Strengthening Initiative (MFSI-II) Rollout Project.

The meeting participants discussed the cities’ needs for implementing the participatory budgeting, decided on the format of working group activities and the training seminars for representatives of the public and members of local government. In addition, organizational issues were addressed and methods of advertisement selected for the first implementation phase of participatory budgeting.

In Zhovti Vody, the event was attended by 24 persons, including Mayor Volodymyr Abramov, developers of the Regulation on Participatory Budget, members of City Council, and community activists.

In Vilnohirsk, the meeting had 20 participants, including city’s Mayor Volodymyr Vasylenko, representatives of City Council departments, deputies, and community activists.

Both Zhovti Vody and Vilnohirsk will host several training events in March. The Podolian Agency of Regional Development, the Zhovti Vody and Vilnohirsk city councils invite those interested to join the seminars and working groups. The schedule of events will be announced in a separate communication.