Fair of Citizens’ Projects Held in Melitopol
23 November 2016
Fair of Citizens’ Projects Held in Melitopol
   A fair of the citizens’ projects, which compete for implementation by the Melitopol City Council in 2017 under participatory budgeting, was held in Melitopol on 18 November.
    There were 74 projects presented and promoted by their authors to Melitopol residents during the Fair. The visitors could vote for the projects they believed to be the best and sign up to support them on the spot. In total, there were 142 votes cast for projects during the event.
   Voting for projects started on 11 November and it will continue until 30 November. One can support one small (UAH 10,000 to UAH 50,000) and one big (up to UAH 200,000) project at the website or in any city library. The projects to receive the most votes will be implemented next year. The Melitopol municipal government will allocate UAH 2 million for this purpose.