Other projects


IBSER as member of the Consortium chaired by DAI has joined the implementation of the USAID GOVERNANCE AND LOCAL ACCOUNTABILITY (HOVERLA) Project.

HOVERLA’s activity intends to assist the Government of Ukraine (GOU) to progress and strengthen decentralization reforms by supporting local governance institutions to become more self-reliant, accountable to citizens, and able to effectively provide services. HOVERLA will also assist GOU to more clearly define levels of government, their respective authorities, and their responsibilities.

HOVERLA works to ensure that Ukraine’s system of local self-governance is increasingly institutionalized and effective, that subnational governments are more self-reliant, and that citizens can play an increasingly influential role in local governance processes.

The Activity is structured on a hub and spoke approach with a project office in Kyiv and up to 6 regional offices supporting 7 oblasts and more than 50 consolidated communities to effect transformative changes in sectoral decentralization, and training of consolidated community leaders and administrators.

The total funding of the project is provided in the amount of 74 million USD.